Artist Highlight | Brock Springstead

December 8, 2019

Artistic Buds

Artist: a person who practices in any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, writer, painter, photographer, graphic designer, chef or musician.

What do cannabis and art have in common? Diversity. Consumer preferences vary in both communities. Countless cannabis strains and endocannabinoid variables mirror the assortment of art mediums too. Cannabis and art can be subjective, enthusiasts in both worlds are often opinionated, yet all parties share common ground.

Central Cannabis Community

Community: a feeling of fellowship with other individuals who share common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Central Cannabis celebrates diversity, education and the arts. Our community spirit is #lit. The Artist Highlight and Hybrid Social programs are burning with opportunities to inform, create and inspire. How might you ask? We integrate featured artist's work in our Hybrid Social programming, and our team created a gallery wall to feature their work. The gallery wall serves as a backdrop for Hybrid Socials, which bring Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs) and the #cannabiscommunity together. Emerging London, Ontario artists have a space to showcase their talent. Customers and our team have eye candy to enjoy while in on location. It's a win-win for everyone!

The Passing of the Torch

London, you’re a talented crop!

Our first Artist Highlight was hand-picked from the Central Cannabis inner-circle. Wil Garcia is a cannabis advisor, team lead and incredible photographer. His vision captures negative space and contrasts in colours while showcasing the beauty of London, Ontario. Wil's work was on display from June-August 2019.

In preparation for the second installation, we created an artist submission call on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The expressions of interest received were remarkable. London, you are a talented crop! Picking just one artist was a difficult task, but after much deliberation, we aligned with Brock Springstead. A digital artist whose work is strikingly different than Wil's, yet equally impactful. Brock is a creative personality, who embodies professionalism, strong communication skills and incredible talent. Central Cannabis is thrilled to feature his art from September 1 - November 31, 2019.

Brock Springstead| Digital Artist

Budding Talent

Brock specializes in digital graphic design, film production/post-production, photography and animation.

Brock Springstead is a multidisciplinary artist located in London, Ontario Canada. With a formal education in multimedia design and visual effects compositing, Brock specializes in digital graphic design, film production/post-production, photography and animation. Most notably, he is a co-recipient of over a dozen international film festival awards for his participation as photographer and second assistant director on various documentaries.

Brock Springstead: Digital artist at work in London, Ontario

Artist Insights

Who are some of your artistic influences?

Stylistically, my artwork is prominently influenced by the woodcut art of the middle ages and the renaissance era; specifically works related to spiritualism, alchemy and the occult. However, some of my favourite artists include Leonardo da Vinci, Lucas Samaras, Alex Grey, Vladimir Kush, M.C Escher, and H.R. Giger.

Does cannabis play a role in your artistic process? If yes, please explain.

I'm an artist who works intuitively, while in a meditative state of mind. Cannabis undoubtedly plays a role in my artistic process. Rather than forcing creativity out of myself, or doing any substantial amount of premeditative planning, I generally work on art when I'm in a ‘flow state’ of mind.

This ‘flow state’ is where I'm no longer overly critical of my thought processes. I'm almost a passive observer within my own body, yet still able to actively transmute the ideas flowing through my mind onto a canvas, and instinctively able to navigate my tools. A ‘flow state’ cannot be forced and is not something I can always tap into at will. Cannabis certainly can aid in helping me achieve this state of mind and prolong the length of time I'm in this state.

When you choose to use cannabis, what is your ritual?

In an era of high-tech vaporizers, elaborate bongs, and a plethora of other options for consuming cannabis, I enjoy a simple pipe, with ungrounded flower. I'll set aside 2-4 pea-sized portions of bud and then smoke each piece in one hit, over an extended period. Usually, this takes place in my basement (where the studio and gaming room are). Only ambient lighting is on while I listen to a podcast/lecture or music while working away on my art or playing video games.

Strain Review: What is your favourite cannabis strain, and why?

Currently, my favourite cannabis strain is the No. 302 Warlock by Haven Street. A hybrid strain with a 1:1 balance of THC:CBD. I experience a unique high that is mentally stimulating and productive, yet extremely relaxing and consistent. It doesn't come on strong and then dissipate, leaving you feeling lethargic or with an overly clouded mind.

Brock's Top 5 - Public Art Installations in London, Ontario.

  1. Any event or festival put on by Good Vibes Only. These gatherings include a mixture of local music and artists.
  2. I'm a massive fan of the street art found along the alleyways by Dundas and Richmond.
  3. Street art at local skateparks. Notably by Darryn Rae (RaeArt) and Alex Hann.
  4. Matt Zubicks' welded sculptures found at Zubicks on Clarke Road is a personal favourite as well.
  5. Of course, Stephen Watson's Octopus' Garden mural is a must-see in London, Ontario too!  

Brock's Art

Equally critical and open-minded, he invests much of his free time exploring various topics relating to altered states of consciousness.

Brock's interests are as diverse as his artistic repertoire. Aside from being an avid skateboarder, video gamer, and electronics/computer tech, Brock has maintained a lifelong curiosity with the mysteries of reality. Equally critical and open-minded, he invests much of his free time exploring various topics relating to altered states of consciousness, theology, anthropology, mysticism, shamanism, mythology, folklore, and the paranormal.

Brock Springstead says "Cannabis undoubtedly plays a role in my artistic process."

Undeniably, his artwork is heavily influenced by these topics and often reflects the various concepts and theories relating to these subjects. To do this, Brock utilizes a plethora of archetypes and motifs from cultures around the world. He visually illustrates the abstract and philosophical theories of contemporary and ancient scholars and mystics. A combination of conventional techniques transposed to a digital environment. Through the merging of traditional and digital methods, his art is extremely detailed and precise, while organic and natural.

Brock Springstead | Art Show Details

Central Cannabis, London, Ontario.
September 1 - November 30, 2019

Monday - Sunday

9:00 AM - 11:00 PM


September 24th
8:00 PM

Stick around for an Artist Reception after the Hybrid Social on September 24th. We will have snacks and Brock Springstead will be in attendance to talk about his art.