Artist Highlight | Wil Garcia

December 8, 2019

Artist Highlight

Wil Garcia

Artistic Buds

The elevated sensory experience associated with cannabis use is why many artists hold the plant in such high regard.

The arts community and cannabis have been dancing for years. Recreational cannabis users will often consume when attending concerts, watching films, or enjoying the culinary arts. The elevated sensory experience associated with cannabis use is why many artists hold the plant in such high regard. Wil Garcia is one of those artists and is so passionate about the plant that he chose to pursue a career with Central Cannabis.

It Takes A Village

Artists help us see the world through a different lens.

We value community because it takes a village to accomplish anything in life. Artists help us see the world through a different lens. They are often more than willing to volunteer at events, contributing their skills and collaborating with others for the greater good. Wil embodies this perfectly. He is a soft-spoken Cannabis Advisor, who supports the store with his photography skills, capturing moments at events, and unique product shots that may be needed. So naturally, we chose Wil Garcia as our first local Artist Highlight.

Wil Garcia | Photographer

Budding Talent + Technology

The arts have served as a means of expression for Wil since his early 20's.

Born in El Salvador, Wil Garcia moved to Canada with his family at the age of four. He has called London, Ontario, home ever since. The arts served as a means of self-expression for Wil since his early 20’s. He dabbled in music and different visual arts mediums, but one innovative tool shifted his perspective in 2008.

Ten years ago, Wil’s iPhone 3G dawned a whopping 2-megapixel camera. He soon found himself taking low-res photos at night and turning them into abstract images that he later began to paint. Cell phone technology advanced, as did Wil’s photographic eye. By September 2016, Wil's father and friends helped him upgrade the tool of his trade, and acquire his first DSLR, a Canon 70D. His friends and family witnessed raw talent transform before their eyes.  

Artist Highlight Interview

Does cannabis play a role in your artistic process? If yes, please explain.

Cannabis has played an integral role throughout my career as an artist. It’s allowed me to open my mind and experiment with ideas that I may have shied away from or rejected at first glance. I think in doing so, it helped me to develop a style of my own and to grow as an artist..

When you choose to use cannabis, what is your ritual?

I usually smoke before I edit photos or video, and when I paint or draw, but not when I shoot. I feel it assists in opening up my mind to try and see things from different perspectives, aiding me in being more creative.

Strain Review: What is your favourite cannabis strain and why?

I just picked up Blue Jack City from Whistler Cannabis Co. and it’s possibly one of the best Sativas I’ve ever smoked. A little goes a long way; I enjoyed the high. Would recommend for creative types.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis has helped me in many ways, and I was hoping to be at the forefront of an industry that has the potential and opportunity to make a good impact on society — hopefully changing the stigma associated with cannabis in the process.

What advice would you give to a first-time cannabis user?

Start low and go slow. I tell this to all new users. Greening out is no fun. You want to have a good time using cannabis. There’s no reason to jump in the deep end right off the bat and if you feel you’ve had something too potent, in my experience, a drink with Vitamin C is good to have around.

Wil Garcia’s top 5 favourite places to photograph around London, Ontario.

  • Downtown/The Core
  • The countryside surrounding London
  • Gibbon's Park
  • Rooftops in the core
  • The forks of the Thames

Wil Garcia, local London, Ontario photographer poses with his exhibition at Central Cannabis.

Officially A Good Idea

Moving between minimalism and maximalism.

Wil's photographic vision focuses on capturing negative space, contrasts in colours, and he often finds himself moving between minimalism and maximalism. The intention - to create something new. To capture the city of London, Ontario from an as of yet unseen point of view. He aims to showcase why more artists and people, in general, should live and visit this fair city.

Wil Garcia's work will be on display at Central Cannabis until September 1st, 2019. A little eye candy, for you to enjoy while waiting to pick up that next purchase.  If your elevated experience sets in and you find yourself down the Instagram rabbit hole, be sure to check out Wil’s account @officiallyagoodidea. The feed includes some captivating portraits, but his primary focus is cityscapes, landscapes and abstract realism.