High Expectations | The Ontario Cannabis Industry

July 16, 2019

Clearing the Air about Cannabis Legalization in Ontario

Social Media platforms provide valuable insight into cannabis consumers and their experiences.

Cannabis legalization came with high expectations and mixed reviews in Canada. We know, these reviews are all over Google and Weedmaps. Social Media platforms provide valuable insight into cannabis consumers and their experiences. Common concerns included dry product and industry practices. If we read between the lines in all these reviews, it's clear there wasn't enough information and education before legalization and that many people still don't fully understand how the legal cannabis industry works in Ontario.

We are here to clear the air. Warning, some of this content might be as dry as some of the products people are complaining about, but we promise to light it up with new Central Cannabis accountability developments and how you can be involved.

Bill C-45 | The Cannabis Act

October 17, 2018

This bill was passed making it legal for Canadians to purchase and use cannabis on October 17, 2018. Quality tested cannabis products are available on the market for purchase and consumption. Further down the pipeline, all Provincial Governments will continue to make a few more rules.

What You Should Know

Social Responsibility

The Ontario Government took the opportunity to observe a budding industry as it unveiled, before approving retail licenses. Why not learn for the success and challenges of other provinces? We call this intelligent business. The first Recreational Cannabis Retail Stores opened in Ontario on April 1, 2019. Ontario's mandate is to have rules in place which keep cannabis out of the hands of children and youth, keep our roads safe and combat the illegal market. This circles back to social responsibility.  

You can visit a store and ask questions about strains and products. The packaging will inform you about THC and CBD percentages of each batch. The black market operates with no verification or testing: “take my word for it; this is a 30% THC strain." The legal cannabis market will test each batch for the THC and CBD content and display this on the label. We created an infographic to help demonstrate the government and cannabis industry chain of command.

Cannabis Retail Stores

Central Cannabis a Licensed Cannabis Retail Store. The AGCO regulates us. All cannabis comes from our wholesale distributor, the OCS. We build relationships with LPs and customers to learn more about the products on the market and how to meet consumer expectations.

Safe + Secure

All Retail Cannabis Stores must be secure and enclosed, which is why there are no windows to see inside the store. We are not hiding anything, well actually we are because it's the law.

Identification Check

You will be asked to show valid, government-issued picture identification upon entering, that proves you are 19 years of age. It is the law. It is corporate policy to ID check anyone who looks under the age of 40, and we might even ask you twice.  Take it as a compliment.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges on cannabis. In all honesty, this is corporate policy. Let us explain why. In a standard retail business, a customer can return merchandise, and the wholesale distributor or producer will compensate the retailer. In Ontario, neither the OCS nor LPs will compensate Central Cannabis for the returned product. If we receive a return, the product will need to be destroyed on-site. How might you ask? We drown the product in cat litter and water. Why? Because that is the law!

Why would Central Cannabis buy a product that does not meet consumer expectations?

The legislation restricts LPs from providing our staff with samples of cannabis to try before purchasing. So, we rely on personal staff experience and customer feedback to learn about the products we carry. Remember, we opened our doors April 1st, so in many ways, this past few months have served as research and development. Thank you for being part of it!

What is Central Cannabis doing to improve the industry and meet customer expectations?

Every ounce of customer feedback is welcome, but here's the thing, some feedback is useful, and other feedback is as wasteful as excess packaging.

  • Wasteful feedback is a complaint that lacks detailed information. For example:  "I visited the store and bought one gram of the driest weed I've ever smoked. Never going back." The consumer will probably feel better about sharing their opinion, but it's wasted potential. We carry over 60 different strains and they are all different. Without details about the exact product of concern, there's not much we can do to provide feedback to the LPs or change our product offering.  
  • Helpful feedback provides details such as the strain and LP info to help us narrow down which exact product was an issue. Detailed information like this, helps us cultivate new policies and procedures around which product we will order in the future.

Building a Better Future Together

Coming Soon: Strain Review Page

Central Cannabis is taking a pro-active approach to product quality reviews pertaining to dried cannabis flower. A NEW Strain Review page is in the develepmental stages. Feedback acquired here, will help shape our future cannabis orders. The best-rated product will move to the top of our priority ordering list. On the flip-side, we will provide LPs with quantifiable information when their product falls short.  

Shout out to the #CannabisCommunity. Let's come together to help shape the industry and curate product inventory at #CentralCannabis that meets everyones high expectations.