May Two-Four | Cannabis Essentials for Trailblazers

December 8, 2019

May Two-Four

Cannabis Essentials for Trailblazers

May Long Weekend, or as Ontarians often call it May Two-Four is here. Cannabis enthusiasts who are heading to cottage country, sitting around the campfire, or simply taking a day-trip need to plan before getting #lit.

Windproof Lighter
Corner Cannabis Flameless Lighter

Day Trippin'

Be prepared...there's nothing worse than having a perfectly rolled joint with no lighter in sight.

In Ontario, public cannabis smoking and vaping are allowed wherever tobacco smoking is permitted, including outdoor parks and waterways. If you're trailblazing, be prepared. Think about cannabis accessories that are small and easy to stash in a jacket pocket.

  • Pre-rolled joints. Please do this before leaving, or if time isn't on your side, buy them pre-rolled. There's nothing worse than trying to roll a sunny Sativa doobie on the trail, with no flat surface to roll on and the wind blowing your freshly ground bud off the paper.
  • Dug-Out with One Hitter. Seriously, so easy.
  • Lighter. The one thing worse than trying to roll a perfect joint in the wind is having a perfect joint with no lighter in sight. Is wind still putting out the fire? Invest in a sleek flameless lighter. They work kind of like car-lighters did back in the day, but they're portable. Next time you’re in Central Cannabis, ask an advisor to show you a Corner Cannabis lighter.

Cannabis Cottage

Consider your company.

Canadians are known for being polite and considerate. Follow suit and consider your company when spending a weekend camping or at the cottage. Are you driving up to the cottage with your parents or grandma? There's nothing worse than sitting in a car for three hours next to someone in a vehicle who smells like a skunk every time they open their bag. Maybe you're driving solo, but spending time with people who don't use cannabis?

Cannabis Cottage Essentials

Two Strains

Why not mix them?

Got a few almost-empty strains kicking around? Why not mix them?  

Consider who will be partaking with you and when and how you'll likely be consuming. Keep it simple, with just a few options. If others are bringing some of their favourite buds, you'll have lots to choose from collectively. Some suggestions:

  • Indica + Sativa Dried Flower
  • 1:1 Hybrid + High THC strain Variety
  • Dried Flower + 1 Cannabis Oil or Soft Gels

Four Accessories

Don't leave home without these.

Cannabis Essentials for the weekend.

  • Rolling Papers
  • Grinder
  • Lighter
  • Vaporizer or Hand Pipe

Stashing your Stash

Don't be that guest who stinks up the room every time you open your backpack.

If you're carrying pre-rolled joints or cannabis flower, smell-proof containers are an absolute must! From mason jars to specially designed smell-proof accessories like the Jenny Smell Proof Clutch, there are lots of budget options and ways to be a considerate guest.

Smell-proof cannabis storage

Cannabis Cottage Toking Etiquette

How to avoid being the guest who smells like a skunk every time they go outside for some fresh-air.

Cannabis Oils and Soft Gels

  • Odourless and more discrete. That's right; you won't smell like a skunk every time you go outside for some 'fresh air.'
  • Consider planning a cannabis oil infused meal.


  • This method takes effect quicker than oils and soft gels.
  • It's also a little less smelly than traditional smoking methods.

Sharing is Caring

  • Don't be that guy who shows up at the party with nothing to contribute. Even a little, goes a long way.

That’s it! From cannabis etiquette to essential packing lists, you’re all set for the first legally infused May Two-Four. Happy Trails!