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Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak App Review

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak App Review. I reread the books often, i have a hp themed tattoo, i go to all the pub crawls and trivia nights, and i just absolutely love all things about the wizarding world. Simply cover yourself, family members or objects and see everything magically disappear.

REVIEW Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak from Wow Stuff from realmumreview.com

It features the authentic pattern one on side and a green silk. The cloak itself is fabric and made of two layers. Smartphone or tablet not included.

James Used The Cloak Of Invisibility In Many Of His Misdeeds At Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry And Kept It Afterwards.

Using the app, you get a background image (like your living room) and then can move in to frame, turn the cloak inside out revealing the chromakey green lining which is digitally removed by the wowstuff app in real time. It is the perfect length and size for adults and children. Stuff app is really easy to use and although swapping the cloak to green took a bit of practice, once we had it mastered the effect was amazing and the outtakes were very funny.

130 X 270Cm (Approx.), Stand:

Stuff harry potter invisibility cloak is a must for all harry potter fans and we are sure that the wow! Experience the world of magic with the harry potter invisibility cloak. I couldn't turn down a review of harry potter's fabulous invisibility cloak.

Stuff App Works With Devices Running Ios 11 And Above For Iphone & Ipad, And Android 5.0 And Above For Android Devices.note:

The cloak retails at around £50. This product uses green screen technology to mimic the invisibility cloak effect used in the harry potter movies. It feels good quality and has a metal fastening to hold it fastened if required.

Measures At 55 Inches (139.7Cm) In Length.

Stuff and recommended for age 6+, this is a cloak with a trick. The invisibility cloak features authentic patterning as seen in the films and a green silk style interior. In the 20th century, the cloak eventually ended up in the hands of henry potter, a wizengamot member, who passed it to his eldest son fleamont.

It Features The Authentic Pattern One On Side And A Green Silk.

So if you are having a harry potter party this is a must have. The cloak is gorgeous on the outside. Stuff had created one for us muggles to enjoy, i knew it would be on my daughter’s christmas wish list.

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